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Student Life

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies actively recruits, on an annual basis an extremely diverse and international student body, including students from all over the world. The CCDS feels that an international, interdisciplinary and intercultural student body is a key component when teaching the academic theory of Cultural Diplomacy, and therefore prides itself on the diversity of the student body.


Cade Russell »

MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy

From the USA - Being born and raised in central Iowa in the United States, there was not much of chance for me to experience other cultures from around the world while at home. When I was younger, I developed a fascination for foreign languages, which then in return made me desire to travel the world. Luckily, my parents, who are quite the world travelers themselves, took me to Europe and many other places around the United States at a young age. Later I attended Iowa State University for my undergrad and decided to study the German language.


Koen Wellink »

MA in Cultural Diplomacy & the Global Economy

Grown up in an eastern border town in the Netherlands, I came into contact with Germany and the German culture at an early stage, mainly through my school and environment. (more) material is attached.


Salum Rahma Malick »

MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy

I was born and grown up in Dar –es salaam Tanzania, I have always been so interested in learning and experiencing different cultures of the world. Travelling around the world with my parents, I was able to learn different cultures within Africa and outside Africa at the age of 10 years. I was already knowledged with global problems and issues at the very young age. My dream was becoming a lawyer to stand for the rights of the oppressed and unprivileged.


Stine Skog Dale »

MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy

I have always loved travelling. When we were younger, my parents used to take my sister and I on holidays abroad where we learned about the world outside our little bubble back home. Although the places we saw were mostly touristic I started to feel that I wanted to see more of and learn more about the world outside this bubble.


Mike Pressl »

MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy

I am currently pursuing an MA in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. The program is in partnership with the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania, where my fellow students and I will spend the 2014-15 school year.


Ben Morgan »

MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy

International development and business specialist with background in marketing and event operations. Expert in using cultural activity/events to raise awareness, create cultural capital, and grow business in an international context.