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MA, MBA & PhD Programs



In order to reduce the financial and logistical burden for its students, the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies and its institutional partners are providing subsidized accommodation for the students of our BA, MA, MBA and PhD programs in our campuses in Berlin, Bucharest, Paisley for the time of their studies.

* Please note that the programs with Furtwangen University are taking place in Berlin.

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Below, please find information about accommodation opportunities:

Accommodation in Berlin

Finding somewhere to live is usually at the top of the list of priorities for new students and can be the cause of lots of unnecessary stress and concern. The CCDS tries to offer as much support and guidance as possible to make the process of moving to Berlin a smooth and comfortable one.

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies is able to support students with subsidized accommodation for the duration of the student’s stay in Berlin, with accommodation options starting at approx. 250 Euro per month including utilities, depending on the location and size.

Accommodation in Bucharest

The University of Bucharest can accommodate students in different accommodation options, based on the available places at the time. The prices of the students’ accommodation in the University residences start as from 150.00 Euros/month. The accommodation in the students’ campus is organized by the International Relations Office, and supported by the CCDS administration for our students.

The alternative for students is to find their own room or flat on the internet. The prices vary depending on the season, the area (central or suburbs), and the housing conditions, but they start at approx. 200 Euros/month.