Professor Dr. Radu Carp

Faculty - Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS)


Prof. Carp holds M.A. degree in European studies and international relations, Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Nice (1996), and PhD degree (SJD) in Comparative Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Babeş - Bolyai University of Cluj (2002).

He held various management positions as Head of the Research Department, Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2003 - 2005); Vice-dean, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest (2008 - 2010); Scientific secretary, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest (2010 - 2012); Director General, Romanian Diplomatic Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010 - 2012); Member of the board of Romanian Television (2012 - 2017) and Director of the Doctoral School of Political Science, University of Bucharest (2015 - 2020).

Currently serving as Member of the Executive Board of the Romanian Cultural Institute;  Director of the Department of Public Policies, International Relations and Security Studies, University of Bucharest;  E. MA Director, member of the Executive Committee and of the Academic Council of the E.MA - European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization of the Global Campus of Human Rights, Venice; Member in the editorial board of Analele Universităţii Bucureşti - seria ştiinte politice; Polis; Agora International Journal of Administration Sciences; International Comparative Jurisprudence; Member of the Executive Board of the Institute of Popular Studies, Bucharest and Member of the Romanian Institute for Public Law and Administrative Sciences.

He serves also as Representative of the University of Bucharest in the project Ethics and Politics in the European Context, part of the CEEPUS III network (coordinated by The Catholic University John Paul II of the University of Lublin; universities from Central and Eastern Europe are part of this network) and as Representative and leader of the University of Bucharest team part of the European research network Observatory on Local Autonomy, coordinated by the Université de Lille 2.
He is an Expert and evaluator of the CNATDCU - National Council for Attestation of Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates; UEFISCDI (The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding); Agency of Credits and Study Fellowships of the Romanian Ministry of National Education; ICR - Romanian Cultural Institute; AUF - Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie - Bureau Europe Centrale et Orientale.

Prof. Carp is also the President of CESMINT - The Excellency Centre for the Study of National Minorities and Member of INTER - The Romanian Institute for Inter-Orthodox, Inter-Confessional and Inter-Religious Studies; and Vice-president of the ADIRI international relations section - The Romanian Association for International Law and International Relations.

He is Author of numerous Books and scientific articles, as  Articles and book chapters have been published in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Ukraine, USA.