Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability

The following terms and conditions shall form the contract between the CCDS and its course participants. The terms and conditions are valid also for all programs and courses that are organized in collaboration with the CCDS. 

2. Conclusion of Contracts

Contracts shall commence with acceptance to enrolment for courses and programs in writing.

3. Admissions and Enrolment

  • (A) Application Procedure - Applicants will receive written confirmation of their enrolments. In the case of extensive programs and specific courses, particular entry requirements can apply and enrolments will be reviewed accordingly. Requirements and selection criteria are defined in the course regulations and guidelines. Through their enrolment, applicants accept the general terms and conditions, the course regulations and the information stated in the guidelines or course description.
  • (b) Insufficient enrolment - The CCDS reserves the right to cancel programs and courses subject to insufficient enrolment. If so, the CCDS will inform all prospective participants following the closing date for enrolment.
  • (c) Acceptance - On acceptance into a graduate program, the first part of the tuition fee for the program must be paid in order to reserve a space in the program.
  • (d) On acceptance into a Professional / Diploma of Advanced Studies-programs, the full Tuition fee must be paid in order to reserve a space in the program.
  • (e) The Tuition fees of the programs are as published on the CCDS’ Website and/or notified via E-Mail by the CCDS. The Tuition fees cover the tuition fees for the courses, however do not include housing or any other related expense, unless other is specifically indicated.
  • (f) The fees paid in accordance with par. 3(c) and 3(d) are non-refundable, and will be applied to the tuition fees. It also activates the Student’s registration in the prospective program.
  • (g) Where a cancellation is made after the student has accepted the position and after the deadline for the student’s admission, as notified by the CCDS in the admission notification, the full applicable fee for the courses or modules will be charged. Course fees already paid will not be refunded. 
  • (h) Should participants withdraw from a program, a course or a module or discontinue participation, no discount on the course fees will be granted, nor will any of the course fees be refunded.

4. Diverse

(a) In case the student seek for Interruption or postponement of a course/studies program (such as in case of severe Illness, Maternity leave), the request must be handed to the CCDS in due course, as each case will be managed and decided upon, in accordance with/under the terms and conditions of the policy of the CCDS and/or the University collaborating with the CCDS.

(b) Students are the solely liable for managing their visa applications, following authorities’ instructions and regulations and providing them with all supporting documents and proofs required (such as financial proofs). In case of Visa refusal, the Tuition fee could be shifted to a later start date after receiving a copy of the visa refusal letter in accordance with/under the terms and conditions of the policy of the CCDS and/or the University collaborating with the CCDS.  In this case, further administration process and fees might apply.

5. Late payment

In case of late payment, the CCDS reserves the right to demand compensation for the damage caused by delay.

6. Liability

6.1. The CCDS reserves the right to make changes to the information contained in this online publicationóincluding correcting errors, altering fees, schedules of admission, and credit requirements, and revising or cancelling particular courses or programsówithout prior notice.

6.2. Course variation:
The CCDS makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the programs of study and research opportunities and other services and facilities in the way described on this website. The CCDS shall be entitled:

  • To alter the timetable, location, number of classes and method of deliver of programs of study, provided such alterations are reasonable.
  • To make reasonable variations to the content and syllabus of programs of study (including in relation to placements).
  • To suspend, discontinue or combine programs of study (for example, because a key member of staff is unwell or leaves the CCDS).
  • Not to provide programs of study or to combine them with others if the CCDS reasonably considers this to be necessary (for example because too few students apply to join the program for it to be viable).

6.3. The CCDS shall not be liable should a program, a course or a module fail to meet a participants’ expectations. Participants are liable to pay the full course fees applicable regardless of their personal assessment of course contents and teaching methods.