The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS)

PhD Program with concentration on International Relations & European Studies (Three Year Program)

PhD Program with concentration on International Relations & European Studies


The PhD Program in International Relations & European Studies is a three-year program offered by Babeş-Bolyai University in partnership with the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy.

Credits - 30 ECTS

Length – 6 Semesters

Locations – Berlin, Germany and Cluj, Romania

Tuition - €18,000

The courses of our Doctoral School are (they are held in the first year and three of them must be chosen, so as to obtain the 30 credits):
  • Institutions and Decision Making in the EU
  • Modelling the New Europe
  • Research Methods in the Area of International Relations and European Studies
  • Discourse Theories Applied to Political Science
  • European and International Negotiations
In the second and third year, each student has to go in depth with his/her research work and elaborate parts of the thesis, so that at the end of the third year they may defend their thesis.

Doctoral studies represent the third cycle of studies offered by (and awarded by) Babeş-Bolyai University in partnership with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, with the purpose of expanding knowledge through original scientific research. PhD studies allow the acquisition of a level 8 qualification according to The European Qualifications Framework and to The National Qualifications Framework.

The main field of the PhD is International Relations & European Studies, with the subfield Cultural Diplomacy. The program guarantees to provide students with additional expertise in the field of cultural diplomacy, a new and attractive area of studies, which is currently offered as an academic field only through the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. This particular emphasis on Cultural Diplomacy and its historical and contemporary application in the public sector, private sector and civil society, provides students with expertise in three distinct academic fields, thus with an academic and practical advantage in the European and Global Arena.

The program enables students to gain practical experience for both academic and professional development. On a practical level, the international environment of the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies offers students a unique opportunity to interact with leading experts and academics from a wide variety of international organizations and research centers. This exceptional learning environment leads to original research and independent study opportunities. The program at the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies addresses contemporary international issues, with classroom seminars and lectures, as well as educational & cultural events, conferences, professional trainings, tours, visits and meetings with foreign officials, which are further incorporated into the curriculum. Students will meet with leading experts working in international organizations, embassies and academic institutions, and will engage with specialists in the areas of International Relations & Economics, Business, Communication, Politics, Human Rights, Culture, Peace Building, Multilateral Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution and Development.  This allows students to create a solid professional network and form a concrete base for future academic and professional career choices.

It is a 3-year program; the first 2 academic semesters are conducted in Berlin and composed of courses on Cultural Diplomacy. In addition, during the first 2 academic semesters, the students will undergo a Professional development program and a commission of professors will guide them with their research. At the end of the first academic year of the PhD, the students will be required to elaborate the first research report on their specific topic, as the commission of professors and, in particular, the individual supervisor, will guide the student with the development of the thesis.

During the second year of the PhD program, the students will take required coursework on the campus of Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania, and continue their research for the PhD thesis.

During the third year of the PhD program, the students are not obliged to reside in the doctoral school, but are required to stay in close and direct contact with the Doctoral supervisor. A working schedule is established following an individual agreement between the student and the PhD supervisor. The details of the training program, based on advanced academic studies, and those of the individual program of scientific research are recorded in an Individual Curriculum, drafted by the doctoral supervisor and the doctoral student.

In the third year, the doctoral student is required to finalize his/her thesis and will hand in copies of it to his/her doctoral supervisor and to the members of the guidance committee, for specialized evaluation. The organization of the public defense of the doctoral thesis will then be initiated after the doctoral supervisor and the members of the guidance committee have given their written consent for the public defense.

The final step is the Public Defense of the Doctoral Thesis.

Dates of Next Program for 2018 »

Enrolments to the Program are possible towards the fall, winter and spring semesters’ start each year. To learn about the possible Start Dates of the program for the academic year 2018, please click HERE.

Professional Development Program »

The Professional Development Program was created and developed in order to equip students with the relevant skill sets, knowledge, professional experience and professional relationships, so that they will be able to acquire a job immediately upon completion of the degree. One of the main goals of the Professional Development program is to enable students to acquire job opportunities and develop their careers in institutions such as the UN, EU, African Union, national governments, national parliaments, international corporations and international NGOs. (More)