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Salum Rahma Malick

MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy

From Tanzania

I was born and grown up in Dar –es salaam Tanzania, I have always been so interested in learning and experiencing different cultures of the world.  Travelling around the world with my parents, I was able to learn different cultures within Africa and outside Africa at the age of 10 years. I was already knowledged with global problems and issues at the very young age. My dream was becoming a lawyer to stand for the rights of the oppressed and unprivileged.

As one of the best students English, Geography and History in the Jitegemee Secondary School, in 2003, I was admitted for the Bachelor degree of law at the Tumaini University Makumira Dar es Salaam College (TUMADARCo), in Tanzania. While studying and practicing law, had later attended practical programs (internship) at Mngoya and Company Advocates (Legal firm) in Dar-es Salaam, Tanzania, with them, I had an opportunity to study more different legal proceedings, case laws, legal advice, and legal proceedings.  I was later awarded certificate of Pupilage and Certificate of Good Conduct.

After finishing my Bachelor Degree in September 2006, I was employed as legal assistant with the same company until December 2010. As part of the work, I was able to travel in different countries, such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Macao, and Singapore where I had experienced different interesting Asian culture. In 2010, I was able to start my private business in trading between China and Africa; it was very successfully and grew very fast. Within one year, I decided to stop working and focus more on my business, and moved to Hong Kong.
In 2011, I applied the German International firm (MMS Rohleder), and was working as a legal advisor based in China and Hong Kong. In December 2011, I moved to Germany. While working, in 2012, I was able to attend German language classes and which made my life easier in German.

In early 2012, I thought Masters in International Relations and Cultural diplomacy will be ideal for me. I got admission with the Institute of cultural diplomacy Berlin. It has been a very interesting and challenging program. I have always been able to attend and take part in meetings and conferences on different global issues and problems presented by countries or organizations from around the world, taking part at the ICD.

I think cultural diplomacy, should be used by the governments, organizations and Non-governmental organizations with the aim of building peaceful relationships between nations and conflicts zones or for creating friendly environment for conflict resolution.   With my background of law, In the future, I would be more interested in working for NGO's or International organizations in conflict management and peaceful resolution, war and humanitarian organizations, or refugees.