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Koen Wellink

MA in Cultural Diplomacy & the Global Economy

From the Netherlands

Grown up in an eastern border town in the Netherlands, I came into contact with Germany and the German culture at an early stage, mainly through my school and environment.

Due to my deep interest in history and the international relationships of my older siblings, I have started studying International Relations and International Organization in English at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in 2007. The European relations to China are of special interest to me and for this reason I decided to write my Bachelor thesis on this topic.

Through my practical work as assistant manager I have realized that it would be of great benefit for me to adjust the focus of my continued study on business administration. Therefore, I have joined the Master of Business Administration program in Cultural Diplomacy and The Global Economy.

My interest in Cultural Diplomacy is mainly based on the rising importance of this recently established term within the world of international relations. Cultural Diplomacy will play a vital role in an increasing globalizing and interdependent world in the future and enables us to foster peace and stability throughout the world. This increase of significance lies in the fact that Cultural Diplomacy can be learned and applied at all levels by influencing the ideology of individuals, communities, cultures and nations, which can accelerate mutual understanding between different groups.

What also fascinates me is that Cultural Diplomacy becomes even more important in the private sector since there is a growing social awareness of the civil society. By applying cultural sensitive marketing plans and campaigns, a corporation will enjoy a positive public opinion and good image, which will enable it to perform better financially. Another point is that companies wishing to expand abroad should pay attention to the local cultures they interfere with in order to perform optimally.

For me, Cultural Diplomacy can make the difference in the global challenges of the 21st century, in the private, public and the economic sector. Facing these challenges by being a member of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is the first step, making a change is the next.