The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS)

MA Program in Transatlantic Relations (Two Year Program)

MA Program in Transatlantic Studies


The MA Program in Transatlantic Studies is a two-year program offered by Babeş-Bolyai University in partnership with the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy.

Credits - 120 ECTS Credits

Length - 4 Semesters

Locations - Berlin, Germany and Cluj, Romania

Professional Development - The Professional Development Training Program provides students with the opportunity to put in practice what they learn through their studies and gain valuable professional experience. The program is completed during the fourth semester of studies.

Tuition - €12,000

About the program

Based on a Central European perspective, in the exciting multicultural and academic capital city of Transylvania, the Transatlantic Studies MA creates excellent opportunities for deepening knowledge and doing research on European - North American relations.

Offered by the Faculty of European Studies in Cluj-Napoca, the Transatlantic Master is a two-year MA program in English, in the field of International Relations and European Studies, focusing on providing students with a fine multidisciplinary understanding of transatlantic relations.

From international relations to politics & diplomacy, and from economic approaches to cultural affairs, the curriculum is balanced, attractive and pragmatically oriented.

As in many other western countries, the Transatlantic Master program provides students with an ideal academic environment for improving their knowledge and skills, as well as with the opportunity to consolidate their initial professional qualification, in the broad spectrum of international

The program prepares students for professional careers in diverse fields, for various professional routes and projects, such as:
  • diplomacy and international (political) relations
  • governmental agencies and departments
  • politics
  • central and local administration (IR officers)
  • multinational corporations
  • non-governmental organizations
  • educational, cultural and media institutions
  • research centers
The courses and seminars focus on current topics of the transatlantic and global agenda from the perspective of International Relations.

The professors are acknowledged specialists and experienced academics, teaching in the fields of International Relations, Political Science, Foreign Policy, Cultural Diplomacy and Negotiations, and American Studies.
Professors and guest speakers include present and former high-ranking officials with substantial political and diplomatic expertise.

Dates of Next Program for 2018 »

Enrolments to the Program are possible towards the fall, winter and spring semesters’ start each year. To learn about the possible Start Dates of the program for the academic year 2018, please click HERE.

Program Structure

The program consists of 120 ECTS Credits in total and has a duration of four semesters, which take place in the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) in Berlin, Germany, and at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania. The unique structure of the program provides the students with the advantage of learning in 2 different major European cities, thus having the opportunity to gain academic, professional and personal experience from living in different cultural milieus. Furthermore, the program structure gives them a unique opportunity to experience the study environment both in an international nongovernmental organization and a traditional public University.

The program follows the conventional university structure of a two-year academic program divided into four semesters. Students are offered elective courses to complement the mandatory ones, and professional development experience; at the end of the four semesters, they will write and defend their MA dissertations. The first 2 semesters will take place at the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) in Berlin. The first semester will consist of three mandatory modules and two elective courses. The second semester will consist of four mandatory courses. In the second academic year, students will continue at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj - Romania, for the 3rd and 4th semesters.

Program Curriculum

Semester 1 (30 Credits)

(Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies; Berlin, Germany)

Mandatory Courses for Semester One are:
  • Negotiations and Intercultural Relations
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Cultural Diplomacy - Power, Influence and Reputation
Elective Courses for Semester One include (each student will choose 1 course from each package):
  • Package 1
    • Idiosyncrasy and Foreign Policy Decision Making
    • Religion and Conflict Resolution
  • Package 2
    • Cultural Diplomacy and Crisis Management
    • Globalization and Cultural Diplomatic Strategy
    • Geo-culture. National and Regional Brands

Semester 2 (30 Credits)

(Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies; Berlin, Germany)

Mandatory Courses for Semester Two are:
  • Methods of Research and Analysis in International Relations
  • Modelling the New Europe
  • Guidelines in Research of the Topics of Dissertation
  • Methods of Writing the Dissertation

Semester 3 (30 Credits)

(Faculty of European Studies; Babeş-Bolyai University; Cluj, Romania)

Mandatory Courses for Semester Three are:
  • Comparative Institutions and Politics in Europe and North America        
  • Civil Society and Liberal Democracy in Europe and North America                                
  • Migration in the Transatlantic Area: Dynamics and Impact
  • Internationalization of Ethnic and Religious Conflicts
  • NATO: Tradition, Concepts, Current Approaches

Semester 4 (30 Credits)

(Faculty of European Studies; Babeş-Bolyai University; Cluj, Romania)

Students are required to complete a Master's Dissertation during their fourth semester of study, and will be provided with guidance on how to choose an appropriate topic, how to identify and locate the necessary sources. The topic, structure, and length of each Dissertation will be subject to individual review and Faculty mentor approval. The students will be asked to defend their Dissertation before a panel of Faculty members prior to receiving a final grade.

Mandatory Courses for Semester Four are:
  • Professional Development and Applied Internship Program          
  • Relations Between Washington and Moscow During and After the Cold War
  • International Politics in the 21st Century. Changes in the International Relations System
  • Terrorism and Threats to Security in the Euro-Atlantic Area