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In order to reduce the financial and logistical burden for its students, the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies and its institutional partners are providing subsidized accommodation for the students of our BA, MA, MBA and PhD programs in our campuses in Berlin, Siena, Cluj, Bucharest, Paisley for the time of their studies.

* Please note that the programs with Furtwangen University are taking place in Berlin.

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Below, please find information about accommodation opportunities:

Accommodation in Berlin

Finding somewhere to live is usually at the top of the list of priorities for new students and can be the cause of lots of unnecessary stress and concern. The CCDS tries to offer as much support and guidance as possible to make the process of moving to Berlin a smooth and comfortable one.

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies is able to support students with subsidized accommodation for the duration of the student’s stay in Berlin, with accommodation options starting at approx. 200 Euro per month including utilities, depending on the location and size. The accommodation is usually provided in 2-4 room apartments, when the students are sharing the apartment with another student.

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Accommodation in Siena

Accommodation in Siena can be found either in the University residences or private accommodation across the City of Siena.

University Residences
A limited number of places are reserved for students at the University Residences owned by the Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio (Regional Office for the Right to Higher Education). Almost all of the rooms are twin rooms with 2 beds. The current price per person is 297 euros per month. The International Office allocates the rooms on a first come, first served basis and once allocated the office will contact students providing an accommodation proposal and giving instructions on how to confirm the reservation.

Private Accommodation
The University’s Public Relations Office provides students with an updated list of private accommodation options available in apartments, rooms and beds in shared rooms. Students looking for accommodation can consult the accommodation bulletin board.

The Public Relations Office also distributes “La giusta casa”, a guide for students on rental contracts for housing. Announcements of individuals seeking and offering rooms can be found throughout the city and online ( ;  ).

The International Office as well as the CCDS administration supports students with their search and booking of accommodation, whether at the University residences or the private accommodation.

Accommodation in Bucharest

The University of Bucharest can accommodate students in different accommodation options, based on the available places at the time. The prices of the students’ accommodation in the University residences start as from 150.00 Euros/month. The accommodation in the students’ campus is organized by the International Relations Office, and supported by the CCDS administration for our students.

The alternative for students is to find their own room or flat on the internet. The prices vary depending on the season, the area (central or suburbs), and the housing conditions, but they start at approx. 200 Euros/month. 

Accommodation in Cluj

The university offers accommodation for international students in Haşdeu Campus. The Centre for International Cooperation will make all the necessary arrangements for student’s accommodation.  Prices of the Students’ accommodation in the University residences start as from 150.00 Euros/month.

Renting an Apartment
Students can find a two-room flat at 200 – 250 EUR per month. It may or may not be furnished. Students will have to pay separately for all utilities: water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc. A deposit representing the rent for the first three months is usually required. It will be refunded at the end of the stay, provided that the student leaves the flat in good condition.

The CCDS and the BBU administration offices will be happy to assist the CCDS students in the process. 

Accommodation in Paisley

Paisley Campus
The University of the West of Scotland's Paisley Campus student residence opened in September 2012, offering stunning new accommodation on campus. 336 en-suite rooms are available, with prices at just £109.50 per week for a large en-suite bedroom. This new accommodation is in a prime location, on-campus and next to the library. Accommodation includes en-suite bedrooms, spacious kitchen and lounge areas in each flat, kitchen and bedding packs, 2 data points, and laundry room facility.

We also offer newly refurbished flats on campus, on George Street and Storie Street, each comprising 2 study bedrooms, open-plan kitchen/lounge, shower and toilet facilities and kitchen and bedding packs. Prices start from £109.50 per person per week.*.

*All prices quoted above are inclusive of electricity and gas and contents insurance cover.